The Toyota Tacoma has played second fiddle to darn near everybody for its entire life. Early on it was the domestics, now its the full size Toyota Tundra. That doesn't mean its standing still as far as updates go. We managed to find this dealer product brief buried within the Toyota Nation forums cataloging, detailing what buyers can expect to see on the sales floor soon. The most notable upgrades including the audio system, LED tail lights, and a new backup camera.

The camera system comes with a 2.5" dash mounted monitor and will help prevent you from running over Tiny Tim if those bright new LED lights don't catch his eye. Inside there's a new aux-input for MP3 players, an MP3 enabled CD player, and new under-seat storage in the Access cab models. The trucks also get standard traction control systems and "smoked" headlight lenses along with an assortment of other stuff that awaits those willing to read through the dealer data HERE.