Automotive News is reporting the Japan Automobile Manufacturers' Association is debating canceling the 2009 Tokyo Motor Show due to the global financial crisis. Detroit Auto Show 1, Tokyo Motor Show 0. USA? USA? USA?

JAMA's executive director explained to Automotive News that "a couple companies are not in favor of organizing the show under these conditions, but that's not JAMA's opinion." A decision on whether to postpone the show will apparently be made by next month.


The 41st annual Tokyo Motor Show is scheduled to take place Oct. 23-Nov. 8. Press days are planned (at the moment) for Oct. 21 and 22. The theme was supposed to be "Fun driving for us, eco driving for earth" although we think it looks more like "Giant Godzilla bubble cars attack us, helium driving for earth's extinction." Either way, this is important news. Not just because of what it says about the current market conditions and how the same conversations happening here in Detroit are happening overseas. No, mostly because we wanted to head back out to Japan this fall for the harajuku girls. [via Automotive News]

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