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2009 Tokyo Motor Show: Anyone Know A Good Yakitori Place Open Past Midnight?

Illustration for article titled 2009 Tokyo Motor Show: Anyone Know A Good Yakitori Place Open Past Midnight?

After 18 hours of flights, I'm in Tokyo and ready for this week's Tokyo Motor Show. But, thanks to my good friend jet lag I can't get to sleep. Anyone know a good Yakitori place in Narita open this late?


Seriously, Narita is like the Romulus of Tokyo. And by that I mean Romulus of MI, not the Star Trek planet. Meaning, it's where the airport's located and that's about it. So, anyone know anything fun to do around these parts past midnight? Any open-all-night car shops? Anything? I'm chewing four pieces of Jolt Gum, eating an oatmeal raisin cooking and drinking a cup of something called Pocari Sweat. I'm freakin' bored out of my mind here! Anyone have any ideas for anything to do past midnight near the Excel Hotel in Narita? Screw this — I'm just going to go stare at cars in the hotel parking lot.

Photo Credit: jamesjustin / Flickr

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Ash78, voting early and often

You just need a few handy phrases to get around. I took some Japanese in college and had an exchange student buddy, so maybe I can help:

ATM: "Ookii chimpo"

Look for a group of young men and say "Amerikajin, ookii chimpo!" and point at your front pocket. That's basically saying "Sup, guys? Know where I can find an ATM?" Otherwise, find a nice lady at an info desk nd ask her "Sumimasen. Ookii chimpo irimasu ka?" which means "Excuse me, I need an ATM, please."

If you want to be extra formal, follow that up with "Hoteru ni ikimashoo!" and she'll be especially impressed. #tokyomotorshow