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2009 Renault Symbol Has "Plenty Of Arguments In Its Favour To Win Over Families"

Illustration for article titled 2009 Renault Symbol Has Plenty Of Arguments In Its Favour To Win Over Families

"The lines of this three-box saloon... suggest refinement and elegance. Its status-enhancing front-end looks are underpinned by the design of the headlamps and the specific grille which is picked out in chrome." And so it goes. The biggest question we have about the 2009 Renault Symbol is, 'Did the Renault PR team even look at the car before they wrote the press release?' The answer is an obvious no, as the new Symbol appears to have finally beaten out the original Toyota Prius as the ugliest three-box sedan in the last decade. Add in the rear removable headrest-mounted DVD player, a Circuit City quality nav-system installation and you've got a "status-symbol" for central and eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Borat-quality press release after the jump.

NEW RENAULT SYMBOL, ELEGANT, VERSATILE AND INEXPENSIVE TO RUN Renault profited from the Moscow Motor Show on August 26th to reveal New Renault Symbol. The lines of this three-box saloon, which is the latest model to join its line-up as part of the Renault Commitment 2009 plan, suggest refinement and elegance. Its status-enhancing front-end looks are underpinned by the design of the headlamps and the specific grille which is picked out in chrome. The cabin is comfortable and carefully-appointed. Up to three equipment levels are available depending on market, namely Authentique, Expression and Privilège. Thanks to its thrifty fuel consumption and low servicing and running costs, New Renault Symbol is truly economical to run. Both the petrol-and diesel-powered versions of this new vehicle can claim best in class fuel consumption, returning a low 4.3 litres/100km (equivalent to CO2 emissions of 116g/km) with the 1.5 dCi 85hp engine, and 5.9 litres/100km (equivalent to CO2 emissions of 140g/km) with the 1.2 16V 75hp powerplant. The range of latest-generation engines provides the category’s best level fuel consumption, performance and acoustic comfort. Long servicing and oil-change intervals also contribute to low running costs. New Renault Symbol sets new standards when it comes to travelling comfort, too. The running gear is inherited from that of Clio II which is acclaimed for the first class balance it strikes between comfort and handling. Passengers will also appreciate the quiet drive ensured by the carefully soundproofed cabin, while thermal comfort has been engineered to function in a wide range of extreme climates. Meanwhile, New Renault Symbol’s connectivity meets customer’s expectations thanks to an extensive choice of radios with MP3 playback, Bluetooth® hands-free telephone controls, a portable Carminat navigation system and an audio connection box which permits the use of personal MP3 and iPod® players in total safety. The large (506 dm3), practical boot meets the needs of a wide variety of uses, ranging from family holidays and professional use to weekends away in the country. This new three-box car is just as uncompromising in the realm of safety, delivering optimal protection for all occupants. New Renault Symbol has plenty of arguments in its favour to win over families in Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, the Maghreb countries and the Gulf States. Indeed, this new vehicle heralds the forthcoming renewal of Renault’s entire three-box line-up and is due to be released for sale on the majority of its markets between September and November 2008.


Be glad we spared you the extremely extended press release. [Renault]

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I see this as a future Nissan here in the US at some time. By the way, isn't the Versa Sedan just a version of the Renault Logan, or am I completely out of my mind?