2009 Opel Insignia Spy Photos Released... By Opel?

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In what seems to be a burgeoning trend, Opel joins the ranks of automakers that are releasing their own versions of professionally shot spy photos to whet the appetites of the motoring press. In this case we have the 2009 Open Insignia (and possibly the future Saturn Aura), which is based on GM's Epsilon-2 global platform. It's been taped up fairly well and, just for laughs, they guide us through the process of taping up a test mule. You clever buggers!

If you look at some of the photos you learn an important lesson about taping (other than you apparently need to wear overalls while doing it). It seems as though there is an actual pattern to all of it as opposed to just random nonsense. [Opel via CarScoop]

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Rob Emslie

They are either short or lazy-they forgot to camo the roof and I CAN TOTALLY SEE WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE. Take that Open.