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It looks like spy shooter Hans Lehmann ain't the only quick-shot in town, Brenda "12.1 Megapixel-Shooter" Priddy's also snagged herself some pictures of what appears to be a very high-tech looking 2009 Mitsubishi Lancer...umm...Ralliart edition? As you can see from the pictures, the intercooler's clearly visible behind the mesh grille and this turbocharged not-so-ordinary Mitsubishi has dual exhaust pipes plus 18-inch GTS-like wheels. And since it sure isn't the new Evolution as it's lacking both the flared fenders and EVO wing, Priddy's thinking it's the '09 up-powered "Ralliart." To quote Brenda Priddy: "this performance version of Mitsubishi's Lance must be a Ralliart prototype!" With no evidence to the contrary, we're thinking she may be right.


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