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The 2009 Mitsubishi Colt is being brought in line with the rest of the Mitsubishi lineup, style-wise. You’ve probably already spotted the biggest new feature: the Lancer-style gaping front grille. While it makes the four-door somewhat confused-looking, that grille really sharpens up the three-door, especially in Ralliart guise. Three engines are offered: a 1.1-liter with 75 HP, a 1.3–liter with 95 HP and a 1.5 with 109 HP. The Ralliart adds a turbocharger to that 1.5 for 150 HP, making it a seriously interesting proposition for lovers of small, quick cars like us. The previous generation 1.1 was a hoot to drive, delivering extreme practicality from its flexible interior and huge character from its three-cylinder engine. Let’s hope this new model delivers more of the same.

1 - Next Generation Colt Following 267,000 units of the first generation Colt Mitsubishi Motors has wished to capitalize on this success and follow up with a grown-up (only ± 35% carry-over parts) but still distinctive product: * more in line with the brand’s identity (sharper new design & signature “Jet Fighter” grille) * more in line with its positioning (new 3- and 5-door Ralliart sporty models) * more in line with the latest market trends (forthcoming 1.1 and 1.3 Clear Tec variants) * more consistent (less distinction between 3- and 5-door variants than before) * more mature (perceived quality, cargo flexibility, comfort features, NVH, driving dynamics) Junior Lancer In that sense, the next generation Colt gets closer to its sharp Lancer siblings introducing an exterior design thoroughly refreshed by Mitsubishi Design Europe. Trading the MPV-like high stance of its predecessor for a lower and wider attitude, it first strikes with the adoption of a rather in-your-face full “Jet Fighter” grille together with all-new body panels fore the A-pillar, all contributing to a stronger on-road presence, but also to an improved level of pedestrian safety. The side view offers a more elongated window line thanks to black sash foils applied on the C- and D-pillars (D-pillar only for 5-door body) and blacked-out sills. At the back, a wrap-around and slimmer backlight, lower rear combination lamps, a new liftgate stamping and more elaborated bumper design add character whilst visually lowering and widening the car considerably (5-door only). Signature In line with Mitsubishi’s brand heritage & positioning, a new Colt Ralliart (150 PS 1.5 turbo) is introduced, available for the first time in 5-door form as well. Compared to the previous Colt CZT and in addition to a stronger structure, the Colt Ralliart suspension has been amended in eight different points for sharper driving dynamics, including reduced body roll thanks to a thicker front stabilizer bar. Clear Tec In parallel to the existing petrol engines (1.1 / 75ps, 1.3 / 95ps, 1.5 / 109ps), Mitsubishi will introduce new “low CO2“ variants of the next generation Colt, under the umbrella name of “Clear Tec”. They will feature - amongst others - “Automatic Stop & Go” (AS&G) and regenerative braking technologies, leading to an improvement of over 10% in terms of CO2 emissions (according to variant/engine - figure subject to final homologation). A dedicated “Flex Fuel” (FFV) variant will also be part of the Clear Tec program for Colt. Considering the rather low volume of Diesel Colts sold since 2004 (only 13% of the mix) and the ever increasing retail price of Diesel fuel eating away most of the cost benefits to the customer, Clear Tec packages will replace the previous Diesel powertrain in the Colt range. Grown Up The next generation Colt is also a better / nicer place to spend long hours of driving with changes driven by customer feedback over the past 4 years, including lower level of NVH (Noise – Vibration – Harshness), redesigned dashboard, new higher quality trim, enhanced equipment and revised rear seating flexibility leading to an increased cargo volume (from 854 l for the previous Colt to 1,032 l now)

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