2009 Mercedes CLC-Class

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One of Brenda Priddy's spy shooters found themselves face to tri-bladed face with what appears to be a very lightly disguised 2010 Mercedes C Sportcoupé — which we're told will be called the "CLC-Class." Although this replacement for the C-Class will be getting a few new letters added to the name to go along with the pretty new look, we're told it'll still be based on the chassis of the outgoing C‑class. We're also told that just like the chassis, the engine choices for the CLC will be the same as those found in the C-Class. But hey, it's got a pretty new look, doesn't it? Full spy report after the jump.

Mercedes is going full throttle on replacing ageing models by their respective successors, and here is proof this goes for the C Sportcoupé as well. These pictures were taken in Stuttgart last night, and they show the new car with minimum disguising. Although the new C Sportcoupé will mimic the design of the brand-new C-class sedan, the upcoming coupé is actually built around the mechanics of the existing model - and hence based on the chassis of the outgoing C‑class. The basic concept of the car - short coupé with huge tailgate - will remain unchanged, too. The name, on the other hand, is likely to be replaced by the somewhat easier "CLC" badge. Like with the outgoing model, buyers will have the option between the four-cylinder C180 (156 bhp, compressor) or C200 (184 bhp, compressor) and the six-cylinder C230 (204 bhp) or C350 (272 bhp). New on offer might be the C280 V6 delivering 231 bhp. Diesel enthusiasts might prefer the C200 CDI (136 bhp) or C220 CDI (170 bhp).

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

Thats not a proto-type, that stuff is there to, well... I think its there to protect some sort of body kit? You know, its padded, so no one dings or scratches the side. Yeh, totally is just a regular benz with a body kit.