2009 Mercedes Benz G-Class Gets More Power, Still Delightfully Ugly

The Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is a safari car everyone can love, despite its recent usurpation by fashionistas and the affluent douchebag class. For 2009 the Galendenwagen gets the three bar grille spreading like a virus from Ford to Mercedes, and new wheels, but more importantly a much more powerful engine. For '09, the G500 is going from 292 HP and 336 lb.ft. of torque to a stonkin' 382 HP and 390 lb.ft. of twist. For you numbers nerds out there thats about a 30% improvement in power and 16% better on the torque end. Not bad for a platform pushing thirty years old. But what about the AMG version?

While we don't know the torque numbers for the AMG, we do know it puts down a stupefying 500 HP. That's almost as ridiculous as that McLaren-powered G-Wagon we saw a bit ago. Anyway, aside from power and aesthetics, the G-Class is also getting upgraded telematics systems and other electronics doo-dads, all rendered somewhat secondary by news of massive power increases. [eMercedesbenz]


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