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2009 Mercedes Benz CLK Has The Snake Eyes

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The lens jockeys at KGP have managed to snag us a darn good look at the upcoming 2009 Mercedes Benz CLK. While we've seen the shape of the car before we haven't seen the new split-design headlights and the very bizarre trunk lid design. According to our spies, that headlight styling will be migrating across the Benzie lineup and acting as the new snake eyes for the E-class next. What we're not so sure about is the butt-end of this thing. The Germans may be having a tail war.


Take a look a that 'protrusion' poking off the trunk. It's not really a spoiler but not quite a Bangle-butt; however, it is strange looking. Unless the lid is plastic or composite, that's one hell of a stamping draw to make the thing. Also, we're not sure how we feel about the styled-by-Duplo tail lights. They really don't go well with the smooth style of the rest of the car. Funny, the spy didn't say anything about 'em in the report:

A new Mercedes CLK prototype has shown itself in Germany, giving us our first unobstructed look at the new coupe's split-headlight design. A similar (perhaps identical) headlight design is expected on Mercedes' next E-class. But even on the very latest E-class prototypes — which are running around with much less camouflage than this CLK — we haven't seen such a revealing look at the front lights.