2009 Mazda6, Reviewed

The 2009 Mazda6 is supposed to be "the first of Mazda's "Zoom-Zoom Evolution" second-generation vehicles" — whatever that means. Although we've yet to get a chance to drive the Zoomage — we'll be in the driver's seat sometime in mid-June — our friends at Popular Mechanics have spent some time behind the wheel. We have to say we're intrigued to find what the new Mazda6 for 2009 will provide — it's bigger, wider and yes, more uncut than the last one. So we're hoping the new Ford-designed and Mazda-built engine — the same 3.7-liter, 272 HP V6 found in the CX-9 — will give it the oomph it needs to, you know, push it further and faster than the last one. Does the 2009 Mazda6 satisfy that desire? Head on over and find out. [Popular Mechanics]


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