2009 Infiniti FX50 Gets Reviewed, Shaken But Not Stirred By Popular Mechanics

Infiniti brought their brand new FX45-replacing bag to the Geneva Motor Show in the form of an all new FX, the 2009 Infiniti FX50. While we didn't get a chance to check out the new 390-hp and 369 lb.-ft. o' torque being put out by that new big n' shiny V8 as well as what's purportedly a much less brittle ride, the Mechanics who are always quite Popular did. So what did they think? Well, they dug the new interior, and the ride and handling were apparently much smoother than the last FX-branded SUV from the brand all about the Möbius strip. Want to know more? How about checking out their 007-like double entendre-laden adventure via the link below.


2009 Infiniti FX50 Test Drive: The 390-hp Crossover Even Bond Would Dig

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