2009 Hyundai Sonata Revealed, Transforms From 2008 Model

This Korean ad for the new-look 2009 Hyundai Sonata which we'll see revealed first-hand this week at the LA Auto Show may be the first time we've seen a new model transform from the old model to reveal a new facelift to the public. Think about how much more fun we could have if we automakers were forced to do this for all of their models, forcing the buying public to actually see how absolutely-the-same many "new" models are. For instance, we could watch the 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee turn into the 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Yup, check out the changes! Oh wait, you didn't see anything move there? Our bad. Oh yeah, the new Sonata — doesn't look too terrible. Oh, and did we mention these released-too-early press shots we've found somewhere?

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@SeanKHotay: Back when Hyundai was really big into rally here in the US, the PR reps were very quick to give us common rally folk the proper pronunciation (for the USA, anyways...in the UK it's "Hi-UN-die", but they pronounce "coupe" like "coo-pay", so what do they know?). They even had a saying, which went like this:

Sunday, Monday, Hyundai. Apparently we're to pronounce it "Hun-Day".