2009 Honda City Spotted Testing In India

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Consumers in the United States are lucky in that their version of the Honda small car platform is the Honda Fit as opposed to the Honda City, which doesn't offer quite the style of the Fit/Jazz or the space of the Honda Freed. The little Honda sedan is only available in Southeast Asian markets such as Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. A member of the Team-BHP forum, which loves Indian cars almost as much as they love unnecessary watermarks, managed to capture a few pictures of one testing in the city of Pune.

With a new generation of Fit/Jazz on the market we're not surprised they're updating the City, though we're not exactly blown away by the looks. No word on what revised specs this latest City will get, but we're betting most of you don't know what the old specs were. Maybe someday, if they're really good, they''ll be able to get a Fit-based Honda Airwave. That would be sweet. [Team-BHP]

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TexanIdiot25- needs moar horse powah

@BlueRSX: Some folks use them to keep the retards (Team BHP?) from tossing them around. I've had to use them on dA before thanks to bitches stealing my ish.