The mad tuners at Hennessey have turned their turbocharging tech toward the new Challenger SRT8, creating this just-about-built beauty of a beast β€” the Challenger SRT600. Having quickly snapped up one of the few SRT8s out there (on eBay, for quite a markup), the crew was hard at work this week readying the first SRT600, seen here. There are no final power numbers yet, but the addition of turbos, high-flow cylinder heads and other speed bits have resulted in output above 600 HP and 600 lb-ft of torque in other vehicles featuring the 6.1 Hemi under the hood β€” like the SRT600 Grand Cherokee. Expected performance numbers below the jump.

John's boys from Texas are still in the process of tweaking the Challenger, but expect a 0-to-60 mph time in the low four-second or high three-second range, and a quarter-mile time in the sub-12.0 second area. Hennessey only plans to make a limited numbers of their extremest Challenger, so now there's one more hoop to jump through for those who already did the footwork to get an SRT8.

Photo Credit: Matt Hardigree / Jalopnik