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While we're here in Frankfurt waiting to check out the Ford Verve — a concept car providing design hints of the 2009 Ford Fiesta — Brenda Priddy's spy photographers caught what they think is the actual 2009 Ford Fiesta playing around outside in full camo. Unlike last time however, it's no longer under a blue shroud. And of course, if Motor Trend is to be believed, the exciting news for Fiesta fans here in the US is they'll be exporting it stateside for the first time since 1980. More of what Brenda's got to say after the jump.

Our spies managed to get the first shots out in the open of what's to become a sure winner for Ford when it hits European roads in summer of 2008. The newcomer was developed to be radically different - in design and handling - from Polo, Corsa and Clio, and Ford wants to give it a look and feel to attract younger buyers of the iPod-generation. Nonetheless, the production Fiesta will come in 3- and 5-door guise, and will feature a solid B-post and smaller wheels than the Verve concept.