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The quick-to-the-snap spy photographers at KGP have shot what they think is the upcoming 2009 Cadillac BRX doing some cold weather testing out near GM's Milford proving grounds. At least we can only assume it's cold weather testing as it's wearing a leather snowsuit that'd make even little Randy topple over into the snow. Plus we're here, so we know it's frickin' freezing. According to KGP's sources, this actually may not even be the BRX. We heard back in December GMC was also going to get a Theta-platformed CUV, and after the arrival of Cadillac's Provoq concept at CES and the Detroit Auto Show — which features several design cues that alternately match, and differ from this prototype, neither us, nor Black Bart's KGP's shooters are comfortable in decisively stating that yes, this is the BRX. However, it's more likely than not — and that Vue-like shape is a pretty obvious tell that it's a Theta. While we're not sure whether it'll be 2009 or 2010 when we'll see the first BRX, the full description from KGP of their reasoning why this is representin' Cadillac style and not so much professional grade, after the jump. And by the way — we actually decided not to buy KGP's pictures this time around as they're not that much different from the last prototype tester seen in our last set of shots — only this time more close-up. So we've decided instead just to run these old n' busted shots of the 2009 Cadillac BRX below and we've linked to his new shots after the description after the jump.

UPDATE: Just to be clear — the BRX and the 9-4X are supposedly going to be built on a new platform that's dubbed by some "Theta Premium" — we've been told its a combination of the current Theta and elements of the new Epsilon 2 architecture. But, if it looks like Theta, talks like Theta and drives like Theta — it's probably a Theta.


We just got a much closer look at a prototype for GM's latest Theta-based crossover, and the best evidence still points to this being the Cadillac BRX. Our first sighting of this prototype came from long distance with a very long lens. Now some of this prototype's key design features are more clearly visible

This latest prototype displays many Cadillac cues: first off is a chrome-outlined side-window-profile, an obviously upscale touch that resembles the newest CTS. The prototype also features a side character line that starts high at the C-pillar, and heads downward as it progresses toward the front fender—another signature Cadillac design touch featured prominently on the CTS, STS and XLR (and also on the Provoq concept). The door handles follow the same downward path, just as they do in the second-generation of Cadillac's design pallete. The wheels also feature a seven-spoke design, which is a common Caddy trait, but are found nowhere else in GM's current lineup (which consist of primarily six- and five-spoke designs). Finally, the rear light clusters seem to show a very sharp vertical edge beneath the camouflage that has some resemblance to the Provoq concept's sharp, fin-like tail-light design.

We first spotted this prototype in early November. In mid-December, a new wrinkle was added to the story with reports that GMC would also be getting a Theta spin-off to accompany the Saturn Vue in 2009. And the arrival of Cadillac's Provoq concept—which features several design cues that alternately match, and differ from this prototype — admittedly muddy the waters a bit on this prototype's actual identity. The main difference between the concept and this production model, however, reside in the pillarless side window design, which is most likely not feasible for production. Hence, we would expect a different B-, C-, and D-pillar design for the production BRX—which is what we see in this prototype. Given that, and the other Cadillac cues that appear to be in play, we think this is our best look yet at Cadillac's new BRX crossover.


[via Autoblog]

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