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We just received the following spy shots from the enterprising cloak n' dagger shooters at KGP of the new Cadillac BRX. The BRX crossover is set to replace the slow-selling SRX as early as next fall. The long-wheelbase Theta II-platformed Car-UV would be the longer kissin' cousin of the Saturn Vue — which it was just seen testing alongside of in these shots. We'll let KGP take it from here:

One of our eagle-eyed compatriots spotted this all-new crossover during some high-altitude tests and managed to get a few photos before it got away. The BRX had been pegged by industry sources as a smaller, more economical replacement for Cadillac's slow-selling SRX, utilizing a long-wheelbase variation on the Theta II platform that underpins the new Saturn Vue. The size and packaging of this latest prototype, seen testing along side a Saturn Vue as they high-tailed it to safety, appears to support those initial reports.

This BRX prototype is thoroughly disguised, but its smart size and solid stance are clearly visible. A sharp midsection character line can be seen plunging downward from the C-pillar, toward the front front fender, hinting at some possible CTS overtones. The tester was also sporting some seven-spoked wheels that closely resemble the seven-spokers on Cadillac's current Escalade. An interesting side- window-line angles back sharply at the C-pillar, with a slight kink at the waistline.

The BRX is also expected to be shared with Saab (on a 9-4X), and the revised platform may also spawn a Buick variant as well. Engine options are expected to include both the 2.8- and 3.6-liter HF V6s, while a diesel will also be offered in Europe. The new CUV, perhaps available as early as next Fall, will be available in front- and all-wheel-drive configurations.