2009 BRABUS S V12 S Hauls Ess El

Is there anything that the whacky tuners at BRABUS won't put a V12 into? Our favorite has to be the BRABUS Bullit Black Arrow which is V12 + C-Class + matte black paint. Though, we also love the SLR McLaren + Smart Car combo. And who can forget the S V12 S-equipped Brabus Maybach 57, which hit 205 mph at Nardo? By comparison, tweaking the already V12-equipped Mercedes-Benz SL seems like a no brainer.


Advance pics and details from eMercedesbenz show a look similar to previous BRABUS SL's, though with slightly revised front/rear aprons and side skirts, as well as new wheels. There's no word yet on the revised power, though the previous generation was good for 730 hp, enough power for a 0-62 mph trip in 4 seconds and a top speed in the 217 mph range. [eMercedesBenz]

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