Attentive Jalopnik reader Brian Lopes was out-and-about when he spotted something slightly off about this new 5-Series BMW parked over the weekend in Long Beach, California. The badging indicates that this is a "555i" BMW. Those who have been following the company know that this latest version of the aging E60 is rumored to be getting a version of the 4.4L, twin-turbo N64 V8 good for about 400 horsepower and 450 ft.-lbs. of torque. The word on the street was that this was set to sneak out in 2009, so the chances of it running around in public are fairly slim and our BMW sources indicate that they have no knowledge of that model existing (though, they would say that wouldn't they?). Most likely, then, this is a regular 5-series owned by someone who purchased an extra badge and did the work themselves. Still, dare to dream.