Illustration for article titled 2009 BMW 335d Diesel Testing In U.S., Features Bluetec-Style Peeburner

Reports that the US market will be getting the new diesel BMW 3-series have gained additional credibility with this 2009 BMW 335d sedan spotted testing on our shores. It's no secret that modern European turbo diesels are wonders of efficiency and low-end torque; the BMW oilburner is no different, producing 425 lb-ft of torque at just 1,750 RPM. But there's more than just diesel fuel being splashed around. To meet U.S. emissions, the engine will also be injecting urea. Yep, pee. Sort of...


Urea is actually a compound found in mammal urine. Utilizing a method that's been put to use on Mercedes' Bluetec models, BMW will be using urea to clean up exhaust emissions. The urea will be stored on-board in a separate tank, and your friendly BMW service department will take care of refilling it for you. In a completely unrelated story, BMW dealership service departments are now serving St. Pauli Girl in the break room. (Update! Steel_ETC sent in some shots of what looks to be a very similar car testing in Maryland. Thanks Steel_ETC!)
[autofiends via BimmerFile]


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