2009 Audi S4 Details Begin To Emerge

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Though we'll have to wait for the 2008 Paris Motor Show for a full reveal, bit-by-bit the specs are filtering out on the 2009 Audi S4 — or is it 2010 Audi S4 — we're still confused by Audi's lack-of-model-year naming scheme for product. We already knew it would get a supercharged (which could mean turbosupercharged, depending upon which report you read) 3.0-liter V6 backed by a 6-speed twin-clutch lovingly referred to as "S-Tronic." What's news is that traction control/AWD will be provided by the Quattro system as expected, and that the updated Audi will run the 0-to-62 (0-100 km/h) in under six seconds thanks to approximately 350 HP on tap.


What else? The twin-clutch system is a kissin' cousin of VW's DSG, swapping cogs in 200ms and weighing just 40kg more than the 6-speed manual. Of course, despite being less fun for those of us who enjoy a real stick-shift, it performs faster than the human-shifted 'box and offers benefits in CO2 emissions as well, a key selling point for our European brothers and sisters who actually have to worry about greenhouse gasses. Suckers. We just have to worry about whether it'll bankrupt our automakers. Damn you, Socialist Euro-trash and your filthy stinking government subsidies and tax exemptions. [World Car Fans]

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I know I'm going to start something with what I'm about to say, so here goes anyway.....

Another overpriced, overcomplicated, overachieving, douchbag attracting vehicle that appeals to all of the same buyers that are attracted to BMW M3's. We really need another one of these vehicles that the owners inevitably always drive at least 40MPH over the limit, are stocked with not one but three speed detectors, with overly deep tint windows, so that you can't see their overly smug expressions, their designed sunglasses, or their slick backed hair. Oh, and the signals will never work either.