2009 Acura TSX Caught Outside Honda HQ

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Thanks to a sharp-eyed Temple of VTEC reader, these new shots are the clearest yet of the 2009 Acura TSX. From what we've seen of the Euro Accord, which shares the platform with the TSX, this looks about right. Let's hope the rumors of a 2.3L making 260hp are true. The forum member just happens to live near the Honda HQ and managed to snap the TSX as it made rounds around the facility.


[Temple of VTEC]


@ash78: Hope you survive cold and flu season Ash, just getting over mine right now.

Back on topic, Honda seems to be losing it's edge lately, as this TSX doesn't seem to be really anything new, much like the new (US) Accord isn't really better than the last Accord. Looks like their eye is off the prize, so to speak.