Illustration for article titled 2008 Pontiac G8 Spotted, Decked Out In Racey Duds

We're big fans of the Aussie import that is the Pontiac G8. If it's ever revealed, we' ll be even bigger fans of the Pontiac G8 ST. Then last night we saw this. On the way to happy hour we caught this Pontiac G8 in Royal Oak with all manner of lovely regalia. We can't confirm or deny the rad stripes, massive spoiler, and bitchin' wheels are part of some kind of appearance option package because the online build-a-G8 workshop isn't up and running. But, we're assuming if it is, it'll be very popular with the peanut gallery.


While this particular car was not equipped with the requisite manufacturers plates, it was sporting a GM parking lot tag. Our sources tell us it belongs to an employee out at the Milford proving grounds but we can neither confirm or deny that. All we know is those vinyl stripes definitely make the already hot-to-trot G8 even more of a looker.

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