2008 John Cooper Works MINI Cooper Clubman, Pictures To Go With Long Name

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2008 John Cooper Works Mini Cooper Clubman. That's sort of like saying Porsche Cayenne GTS. Performance monikers slapped on vehicles with inherant performance shortcomings. Yes, we know, the 2008 JCW Mini Cooper Clubman already got the unveil at Geneva, but it was a pretty big show, and Spin and myself didn't really get around to crawling around one then, so here's the photographic goods on MINI's turbocharged less-mini-MINI. 0-60 MPH time comes in 6.5 seconds, but we suspect with a turbo 1.6L four banger it's a bit less speedy with more than one person in tow. In case you've forgotten how the story goes, the presser is below the fold if you're interested in the read.

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Rob Emslie

The Clubman doesn't get much love, but I gave it the once-over at the LA Auto Show in November and it was a pretty nice piece of kit. There's a lot more room inside than the standard Cooper, and the third door makes getting in and out a lot easier.

The only problem I have with the car is the two-tone portions on the rear doors. No matter what the color combo, I find it unattractive. I have found that you can get a mono-tone Clubman, so that's not a deal breaker.

It's nice that they are offering all the faster bits from the standard Cooper on the Clubman as well. One thing they got right was the ability to personalize your ride. Something Scion hasn't really taken to heart in my book.