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Maintaining its ISO14001 enviable zero lost time accidents record, the 2008 Daytona 500 forges on. Even though many pitstops have occurred which we should be interested in, the cute waitress who just started her shift is way more engaging than this race. At this point, every telecaster worth his stones is delving into the minutia of NASCAR mechanics in an attempt to make this race exciting. If you are an actual fan, things have probably been pretty interesting...


Since we last half-assedly updated you, Kyle Busch took the lead, then Greg Biffle inherited things as Busch took a pit stop. Waltrip did the same when Biffle took a breather, then Kyle Busch returns the favor to Mr. Waltrip as of lap 124. Pit lane shenanigans begin and though Clint Bowyer is briefly credited with a lap lead all by himself, Greg Biffle quickly retakes the front spot. Other than that, they sure are driving in a column in a straight line around an oval.

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