2008 Daytona 500: That Didn't Take Long, Denny Hamlin Steals Lead

Illustration for article titled 2008 Daytona 500: That Didnt Take Long, Denny Hamlin Steals Lead

It's lap 35, and while we didn't capture the moment it happened on Fox's Gopher Cam, Denny Hamlin (who?) has wrested the lead from his other template car drivin' buddies. We're on the edge of our seats and despite the overwhelming onslaught of "Built Ford Tough" ads, we're sticking with this bitchin' race... all the way until we pass out to the end. In case you were wondering, Fox Sports' coverage makes us want to strangle something. So far, the most entertaining part has been the ad where kids are controlling the cars via radio controller and they eff it up just like everybody does in Gran Tourismo. Also, gorillas + Earnhardt jr... WTF?


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@Novaload: And you were surprised at that move? Just wait, Tony Snow will be re-hired, and waiting in the wings are John Bolton, Ari Fleischer, Karen Huges, and Paul Wolfowitz!