2008 Chevrolet Aveo5

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Although the Chevy Aveo sedan got a new look for 2007, the hatchback version of the cheap Daewoo-built sub-compact won't be receiving a new look until the 2008 model year. Lucky for us, the folks at TheCarBlogger happened upon a 2008 model sitting in a South Korean amusement park. From what we're able to discern, it'll be receiving the newly-redesigned interior from the 2007 sedan to go along with the new front end. Also, it'll have side vents. Because, you know, side vents are the new black. By the way, just as a note to automakers — a bright yellow paint job with black tarp camouflage is probably not the best way to disguise your new car. Even in South Korea. [via TheCarBlogger]

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@Packa: My guess? It's because it's a Daewoo, rebadged as a Chevy. That's an automotive sin tied to the two companies people love to hate on ALL the time. If it was a VW or a Toyota, it'd be small and funky and fresh.