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It looks like the New York Times has deemed the run-up to the 2007 Woodward Dream Cruise, and the associated (and non-associated) week-long classic cruising, worthy of a piece this past Friday. Although we're just excited our little 40,000-car and million-person Cruise of Dreams was considered news fit enough to print, we're troubled by the many reports we're hearing from Metro Detroit classic car owners of "police issues" including tickets for burn-outs, loitering and general harassment by the man. A couple of us have even been on the receiving end of a few of those tickets from one particular community whose name we won't explicitly mention — but you know which one we're talking about. Anyway — feel free to regale us of your tales in the comments below of any "issues" you yourself may have had this summer in cruising America's highways and byways. And if you want to keep track of all the pre-Cruise and Dream Cruise coverage — keep your eyes on our Woodward Dream Cruise — as well as the RSS feed for you lovers of the readers — we'll have content up over the next two weeks, and of course we'll revert to our usual breathless 24x7 coverage beginning a few days out. [New York Times]


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