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So, if you've never been to the Woodward Dream Cruise there's good news — the 2007 cruise is on and it's set for Saturday August 18th! Already we're hearing of various Oakland County police departments upset drivers are cruising Woodward Avenue months before the Dream Cruise officially starts. Although they're doing all they can to send people packing with tickets for drag racing, loitering in parking lots and the always fun "quick starts" n' peeling out. We love how they're basically penalizing folks for acceleration ability. But whatever, our guess is it won't dampen the spirit of the largest single day classic car event in North America — and it won't dampen our spirit for covering it now that we've found out the Cruise organizers have found the money necessary to keep it rolling on. So, keep your eyes on our Woodward Dream Cruise tag or RSS feed as we'll be spending a lot of time on it as we get within one month of the big day.

Firms show commitment to region [Detroit News]

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