[UPDATE: Oh well โ€” it's expired. D'oh. You can still get the '07 300C at a $3500 rebate and zero-rate up to 36 months.] Tired of the performance models always being excluded from automakers' incentive deals? Well, pop a No Doze and check out today's โ€” hold please โ€” Deal of the Week. It's the 2007 Chrysler 300 SRT-8, a car that combines last-gen Mercedes underpinnings with last-gen Chrysler design and factors in a ground-smooshing, 425-horsepower American V8. With cash back of $2000 or zero-rate financing up to 36 months, you'll need some capital to take advantage of the come-on, but at least you won't be upside-down when the sub-prime mortgage crisis starts pulling the securities markets into the fourth ring of hell. In other words, dump that mutual fund now while it's still worth something. Of course, if you live in NYC or a similar premium-insurance state, the five-year cost estimate adds 40 grand to the sticker. But c'mon, it could be way worse, especially for this much fun. And you can always get a used Prius after the next Great Depression. [Yahoo! Autos]