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A horrific crash involving at least 200 vehicles occurred this morning on the highway between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. At least six people were killed, it's unclear how many were injured. Several of the vehicles caught fire after the series of crashes, which are being attributed to the heavy fog. Speaking to the Gulf News, a German crash victim said, "The accident was a combination of fog and people using their hazard lights. After the crash I looked behind and people were yelling and screaming." Due to the dense fog, helicopters were unable to evacuate victims for two and a half hours. The accident caused extensive traffic jams.


If you must drive in heavy fog, dip your headlights, fog lights and turn on your rear fog lamp, if you have one. Adjust your speed according to the conditions, you should be able to come to a complete stop within the distance that you can see ahead of you. Allow a much greater distance between yourself and the vehicle in front. Thanks to Jeffrey for the tip. [Via Gulf News]


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