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$20 Key Fob Camera Could Make Online Videos Crazier

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The Micro Camera is a key fob-shaped camera which weighs only half an ounce, can record an hour of 480p video and HD audio and only costs $20. Its cheapness and size may make every car video way more awesome.

We must admit to not having laid our grubby mitts on one of these babies yet, but testimonials are almost universally positive for these things given the cost. The Micro Camera is part of a new class of ever-smaller solid-state recording devices that will inevitably make every car video that much more awesome. Most of the time when rigging a car for video, you have to worry about losing cameras to shock forces. Nice, expensive ones are always rigged up inside or to a mountain of restraints. Cheaper, but still-expensive cameras or remote lenses are put in harms way and regularly lost.

Sample video from The Micro Camera

But what if a camera only cost $20 and returned video acceptable for online use? Put a $10 4-gig MicroSD card inside and you've got a nearly indestructable, throw-away camera that can be mounted with duct tape. Put a camera on the rear axle, put it on a leaf spring, put it on a tie rod, put one on a wheel spoke. Doesn't matter. The battery will run for an hour, recording 720x480 video which is 480p in HD lingo and do it on the cheap. Should the camera get wet or smashed, open it up and extricate the MicroSD and be on your merry way, video in hand. Maybe we cover a Murcielago with 'em and enter the running of the bulls. What would you do with it? [TheMicroCamera]