Illustration for article titled $2.8 million Ivory-Carved Dragon BMW Speaks for Itself

Some carved vehicles are okay, but this one by Folk artist Su Zhongyang, definitely isn't. You see, Su spends a lot of time carving dragons into ivory and yak bone. The carvings themselves doesn't look too bad, especially if you check out some of close-ups in the gallery below. However, it's what he did with the carvings that is truly horrifying. As if you can't already tell, the carvings are plastered all over this BMW 3-series that's already on the Tammy Faye-side of the gaudy meter, thanks to the excessive usage of gold and even diamonds. Surprisingly, the ivory rock only adds another 600 pounds or so to the vehicles curb weight, having a who-knows-what effect to the performance. The car's on display in Guangzhou's Zhenhai Tower, if anyone feels compelled to see this thing in person. [Born Rich]


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