1997 McLaren F1 Auctions for $4 Million

Illustration for article titled 1997 McLaren F1 Auctions for $4 Million

Proving that vintage Italian iron isn't the only automotive investment to command multi-million dollar returns, a 1997 McLaren F1 supercar hit the equivalent of $4 million at a recent London RM auction. The British-built McLaren was once the fastest car in the world, and retailed for about a million in the late 1990s. This particular example had 270 miles on the clock and was reportedly the last new F1 built; regardless, the sale price is still close to $2 million over the car's appraised value. Just goes to show you all that's needed is the right buyer. [Motor Authority]


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The most exclusive F1 is the LM, only 5 were built. McLaren have one at there headquarters, but maybe not for much longer, as apparently Lewis Hamilton has been promised he can have it, by Ron Dennis, if he wins the drivers championship.