1990 Pontiac Trans Sport was the "space vehicle of the 90s"

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Despite outward appearances, the "space vehicle of the 90s" wasn't something from another planet or an oversized household cleaning appliance, it was just a really hideous minivan.

Not surprisingly, Pontiac took a few steps to gloss over the truth when it came time to advertise the 1990 Trans Sport. Still, the company wasn't too far off when described their take on a minivan as a new kind of driving machine like no one had ever seen.


What do a police officer, a cowboy, and a trucker have in common? All of them appear in this commercial looking dumbfounded because they have no idea who would buy such an ugly minivan they've never seen anything quite like the 1990 Pontiac Trans Sport. It certainly doesn't look like anyone in this commercial would consider trading their respective modes of transportation (especially not the cool 80s Caprice) for the space-van of the future.