1986 Volkswagen GTI Takes It Right Into The Danger Zone


Based on the message at the end and the background music, I'm guessing this vintage Volkswagen ad is referencing The Right Stuff, the 1983 movie about the U.S. space program. But that's only a guess because I haven't seen that movie. However, the ad also reminds me of Top Gun, and I have watched the hell out of that movie.


So here's how I imagine this story: The rookie — we'll call him Maverick — ruffled a few feathers after he showed up at the GTI testing track. Maverick's a gifted driver but takes too many risks. He has a huge chip on his shoulder because his father died testing a Type 3 many years ago.

The blond-haired ace, Iceman, is pretty open about how much he hates Maverick. "You're everyone's problem," he tells him. "That's because every time you go out on the track, you're unsafe. I don't like you because you're dangerous."

"That's right, Ice... MAN," Maverick retorts. "I am dangerous." But once Maverick is called out to the track and shows off his skills at getting the GTI airborne, he earns his VW wings and wins Iceman over.

"You can be my wingman any time," Iceman says.

"Bullshit — you can be mine," Maverick says. Then they all hop in the GTI and go play volleyball together.

The end.



Your movie imagery is all confused. Almost as confused as I was when I saw a picture of Kelly McGillis a couple of years ago. And like Kelly McGillis, the GTI kind of peaked in 1986 and ain't quite the same today.