1984 Chevrolet Camaro was "more beauty, more beast"

Chevrolet was taking charge with their "High Output" Camaro for 1984. The company was so proud of the updated Z28 they decided to create this vintage advertisement showing the new Camaro doing what it did best—dodging computer generated orbs and stopping for Godzilla like creatures in the middle of the road.

According to this classic commercial the 1984 Camaro was more beauty, and more beast. After debuting the totally redesigned third generation body style two years earlier, Chevrolet began shifting their muscle car focus back to performance. One of the first Camaros to benefit of the end of the malaise era was the 1984 Z28 seen here, capable of a then impressive 0-55 in six seconds.

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Let's admit it children of the 80s. This is what you were thinking about watching that commercial.