I've been trying to do at least one Japanese DOTS car every week or so, but after two Toyotas in a row (not counting the Plymouth-badged Mitsubishi), it's time for... a Nissan. We've seen one of the last cars Nissan made right before the Datsun-Nissan branding changeover, so now let's look at one of the first ones sold purely as a Nissan in the United States.


The Sentra nameplate replaced the 210 in North America; both were rebadged versions of the Sunny. Except for the SE-R, it's pretty easy to forget the Sentra has ever existed. That's partly because they've long been hidden in the vast shadow cast by the Corolla and Civic... and partly because they're such generic little transportation appliances.

This one is a pretty solid daily driver; these things are so nearly invisible that it's easy to forget you're looking at a car that's pushing a quarter-century in age. The '87 Civic 4WD wagon lives on the same block and seems much more of its time. Come to think of it, what ever happened to small station wagons? Cup holders, that's what happened! Cup Holder Bloat!


These plastic hubcaps sure are 80s, though!

First 150 DOTS Cars

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