1982: It's A Malaise-O-Rama $2188 Sale At Bert Weinman Ford!

Illustration for article titled 1982: It's A Malaise-O-Rama $2188 Sale At Bert Weinman Ford!

Now, Bert Weinman Ford in Chicago was sacrificing those new '82s at below dealer cost, but who cared when you could pick up an air-conditioned '77 LTD Country Squire 9-passenger wagon for $2,188?

And that wasn't all! How about a '77 Chevrolet Malibu, a '77 LTD Brougham hardtop, or a terrific '77 Mercury Marquis… all for 2,188 bucks apiece? Or would you take a brand-new Ford EXP instead?

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John Krewson

Sorry, but I can't get excited about these things. They were big and clunky and poorly-thought out and brown, and they seemed to match the world of 1982 all too well. I was 13, the age where I should have liked any car regardless of anything, but these were the cars we had to sit through while waiting for the future to catch up with us.

Just a few years before that, though, a backwards-facing rear seat and a long road trip was all I asked from the world.