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Like the Minotaur or the Griffin, the idea of a rust free AMC Eagle is one of legend, impossibility, sillyness even. Though these tanks posing as cars were the forerunners to todays crossover, and sported big AMC I6's, all-wheel-drive, and seriously crazy ride characteristics, they were not known for their corrosion resistance. So how is this pristine, Cincinnati-area 1982 Eagle two door dressed in a fine shade of 80's brown in such good condition? Well it's been stored in a barn for the last 16 years, that's how.

1982 "amc' Eagle 2door 4x4 - $4000 (Lebanon) Heres a blast from the past a 1982 "amc" eagle 4x4 it had been siting in a barn for 16 years and i got it out and put a tune up and a trany service on it and it runs great!!!the car is almost perfect the body has "NO RUST" it has AC and it works the 4wheel drive works great!!! the inside is asking $4000 or best cell is 513-464-8598!!! i have more pics if u would like to see them just email me and i will send them thanks for looking!!!


We are of course suspicious of the "NO RUST" capital letters inside quotation marks thing. Shouting while in quotation is a sure sign of either a real thing, or a flat out lie. Attempts to get more pictures have been fruitless, but four grand for a cherry Eagle seems almost too good to be true. (Hat tip to YankBoffin) [Craigslist]

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