Remember the Classic Motor Carriages Gazelle ('29 Mercedes SSK replica built on a Chevette chassis) we saw a few months ago? The one that's been open to the elements for several years now, enraging its parking-challenged neighborhood as its owner moves it just often enough to avoid getting towed? With a For Sale sign offering the car at the extremely optimistic price of $12,000? Well, the Gazelle has a partner in consuming precious street parking: this Shay Reproductions Model A!


1979 Shay Model A Ford Replica

The Shay Reproductions Model A replica really is a Ford, because it's built on a Pinto chassis. Disc brakes, four-speed, the works. Note the red tag on the windshield; the aforementioned enraged neighbors play a constant cat-and-mouse game with this car and the Gazelle, reporting them to the APD, who red-tag the cars. Once tagged, the cars must be moved within 72 hours or get towed away... and the owner always moves them (across the street) about 71 hours later. The problem is that potential buyers don't understand the value of this car (which, like the Gazelle, is for sale). The price is $10,000. Firm.

1979 Shay Model A Ford Replica

Check out this feature that ol' Henry Ford never dreamed of for the original Model A: Kraco 6" speakers mounted on the rear body... where they spend the winter filled with rain. This must be so the passengers in the rumble seat can listen to high-quality tunage while sucking Pinto exhaust. $10K is cheap for this jewel!

1979 Shay Model A Ford Replica

However, the new buyer might want to allocate a few bucks for a new interior, since this one has been getting rained in every winter for years now.

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