1979 Datsun Pickup Gets Chopped and Bagged Like a Salad for $6,000!

Nice Price Or Crack PipeIs this used car a good deal? You decide!

Do you like the limbo, snakes in the grass, and Datsun Pickups? Well, Nice Price or Crack Pipe has something that's sure to blow your mind, and it'll be a low-blow too!

Despite concerns that it may be a hand grenade in Alpine white clothing, yesterday's 1991 M5 drove home with a whopping 89% Nice Price vote before throwing a rod and requiring a million dollar engine rebuild. Just kidding about that last part, and hopefully that autobahn-burner finds a happy home. Now, we're going to look at a Datsun that goes down. All the way down.

There's a whole genre of car enthusiasts for which stock is toxic, and looking unfinished means you're done. Rat Rods were developed as kind of the anti-Foose, and much like Danish Modern furniture they exist as an attempt to create the purist expression of form following function. Well, okay, not so much like Danish Modern, but you get the idea.

From out of that mindset comes this '79 Datsun 620 pickup which has been chopped, channeled, bagged and blasted to within an inch of its life. Claimed to top out at only 33" Verne Troyer could wizz in its window without so much as having to stand on tippy-toe. It's been slammed so hard that the L20 four banger sticks out of the engine bay like Betty Paige at a Promise Keepers retreat. Also shoving a bun above the beltline are the whitewalls which sit at a wonky negative camber when the body's hugging the ground.


Who could drive such a beast? Well, the seller claims to be six foot two and able to drive it just fine. He does warn about possible thumb injuries from returning all the Roman demonstrations of approval you would definitely receive while rocking the ride. Many of those might come from the readers of Street Trucks Magazine once the current issue hits the streets. This low boy merits a full spread as well as some NSFW hot rod girl boobage.


So, now you know the lowdown on the truck, but what about the price? Well, $6,000 is currently how low it will go, but you may be able to get him to drop that even further as he's open to trades and such.


But what if he isn't open to less? Is six-large low enough to make this a truck you'd be all over? Or is that price a low-down dirty shame?

You decide!


Lancaster Craigslist or go down here if the ad disappears.

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