1978 Dodge Magnum Remains Unloved, Even In The Junkyard

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In spite of the Super Disco Potential of their ads for the car, Chrysler was never able to turn the original Magnum (no, not this Magnum) into the sales sensation they felt it should have been. The Magnum was made for the Middle Malaise years of '78 and '79 only and then disappeared without a trace. Well, almost without a trace; I ran across this example in an East Bay wrecking yard last weekend. Even though it's been on the yard for a while, nobody has bothered to pull any parts from it. Make the jump for even more photos.


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ocbrad1 used to be iamhoff but is now just wandering around

Flashbacks on the IP/Dash to my mom's old '75 Plymouth Grand Fury (340/4bbl/A-727 auto) wagon. Ahh were I old enough to hoon that one as a youngster. I always dug the Magnums. I agree that the Mirada was probably a better car (no real stretch there), but I never liked it as much because it didn't have the cool headlight covers.