1975 Triumph Spitfire is ideal for escaping disgruntled boyfriends

To show the acceleration and braking abilities of their 1975 Spitfire, Triumph decided to put the car in a scenario they thought potential customers could relate to—screeching to a halt at the sight of an attractive female and then quickly accelerating away from said female's disgruntled boyfriend.


According to this vintage advertisement, the Triumph Spitfire not only went from 0-60 quickly, but from 60-0 quickly as well, as often as you want it to. Consider us a little bit skeptical of this statement. Multiple sources confirm Spitfire 0-60 times were in the 15 second plus range that year, which makes us wonder what Triumph considered to be slowly. We're also not so sure about their as often as you want it to claims, considering the cars weren't exactly known for their reliability.

We understand that the mid-late 70s were not exactly a high point for performance automobiles, but it seems like a questionable decision to advertise your car with a quick 0-60 time when an average family car at the time was faster to 60 than the Triumph. That being said, when cruising the beach for ladies 0-60 times were mostly irrelevant, as long as the Spitfire could get away from a disgruntled boyfriend.