Welcome to Down On The Street, where we admire old vehicles found parked on the streets of the Island That Rust Forgot: Alameda, California. After seeing some kind of weird foreign wagon yesterday, we're going to return to good ol' vintage Detroit iron today. Yes, before The General got all innovative with electron-powered machinery, he was building two-ton cruisers that didn't just park- they dropped anchor. This one is a '74 Buick LeSabre, a car that told OPEC it didn't give a damn about the 1973 Oil Crisis! I found this car on the same block as the Studebaker Avanti, '69 Buick, and the '65 Ranchero.


The Luxus was the high-end LeSabre for '74, and it came standard with a snazzy steering wheel, special hubcaps, and a vinyl notchback seat. The convertible sold for $4,696, about 50 bucks less than the '74 Caprice Classic convertible. Yes, the big Chevy convertible cost more than the big Buick convertible!

This example is in great shape, either a low-miles original car or a good restoration. Given that this is Alameda, I'm betting on the former; you see a lot of original-owner cars of this era on the island.
Once you're done looking at the photos of this car, you can vote for your favorite Alameda convertible. I'm not including homemade convertibles, roofless customs, or vehicles with removable hardtops- just cars with true convertible tops.


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