1973 Porsche 911 Carrera RS Bides Its Time In The English Weeds

We've seen some pretty cool machinery parked on the street and photographed by Jalopnik readers, but here's one that may raise the bar to a new level. Spotted parked on a dirt road in West Oxfordshire by reader Battles, this Porsche sure does look like the real deal. Make the jump to read Battles' description.

While you guys were publishing some amazing DOTS finds on the site on Sunday, I had my own 'slam on the brakes-where's my camera?' moment.


I was driving through a village in West Oxfordshire, about 80 miles outside of London, when it caught my eye.

The off road parking appeared to be to take advantage of the shade but it could be down to lack of space on the drive due to presence of a 996 Targa, Bentley Conti GT and an E61 M5 estate.

It looks like a legit Carrera RS, probably the Touring model though I'm not positive. The paint finish was really amazing and the whole car was in remarkable condition. The UK vehicle registration database has it listed as a 1973 MY car but was first registered in the UK in April this year, so must be an import.

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