1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye just might punch your buttons

Even the great Mopar muscle cars were not immune to the effects of increased emission devices and rising fuel costs in. This 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye was, like so many vehicles of this vintage, a significantly less powerful version of the famous muscle car produced a few years earlier.

Even if it wasn't born at the height of the "Super Car" era, the 1973 Dodge Challenger Rallye was, in the words of Car and Track host Bud Lindemann "Aerodynamically clear", "Good looking" and equipped with a "Snappy 340 cubic inch V8". By 1973 Car and Track weren't releasing as many glowing awestruck reviews as they had been a few years before, but you wouldn't know it after watching this Challenger review.

This "Mopar pony" was the result of "last year's wind tunnel testing" in 1973 and was the same as it had been the year before. Equipped with the 4 barrel 340 V8 this Challenger received fairly high praise from the Car and Track crew. Although they omitted a ¼ time (perhaps to save the Challenger embarrassment) Car and Track was quick to point out the Challenger "came of the hole well" and noted the "The console mounted slapstick shifter was a delight".


It wasn't all high praise for the Challenger though. Although Lindemann wasn't happy with the ride quality and the back seat space in the Challenger, we aren't sure how seriously we can take his complaints. The few interior shots shown don't look too much the like interior of a 1973 Challenger. The only other major complaint about the Challenger was a matter of taste. Lindemann believed the "Clean styling of the challenger was cluttered by exterior cosmetics such as side scoops and the power bulge hood".

In typical Lindemann fashion the host managed to sum up the 1973 Challenger in a unique way. He makes the decision at least slightly easier if you were looking at purchasing one of these cars new in the early 1970s. As Lindemann puts it:

"To sum it up if you are looking for smooth quiet ride with a spacious interior this Challenger will not be your next car. However if pony cars turn you on and you like a spirited performer, this Rallye just might punch your buttons."

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At least one Challenger made it behind the Iron Curtain somehow, and appeared in the 1985 Russian miniseries Dokument R. Wonder if it's still around?