1972 Reliant Regal - Make The Furry Cars Stop

There's no explanation for our recent fascination with fur-bearing automobiles, it's almost like gawking at a traffic accident. This latest in the litany of fuzzy rides gets a double scoop of weirdness in that it's not only sporting a fur-covered dash, but it's also a Reliant Regal, a three wheeled delivery truck wonder from Britain. Make that a triple scoop because this one has been made up to look like a Supervan which starred in the BBC series "Only Fools and Horses".

We've never seen this show before and we don't know if the mimicry explains why there's a creepy mannequin in the back window, but we do know the original recently sold at auction for an outrageous £44,227. This further solidifies our suspicion that we'll never really understand the British sense of humor. [Liftruck.co.uk and BBCNews]]


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