1971 Chevrolet Malibu

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We've only seen a couple of Chevelles so far on this series (a '68 coupe and a '69 wagon). Oh, sure, we wouldn't argue with anyone who made the case that the '72 El Camino is technically a Chevelle, but in any case the classic '64-'72 Chevy A-bodies have been scarce here, especially considering how many were made. We'll add one more today, with this 4-door '71.


When this car was made, "Malibu" was just an optional trim level available on the Chevelle; it didn't become a model in its own right until later on. The standard engine for '71 was the lackluster 307, though this car may well be on its 15th powerplant by now; small-block Chevy engines might as well have Velcro mounts, given how often they get swapped around.


This example drives every day and parks on one of the island's busier streets. It looks to be in pretty solid original condition.


Well, original except for the Camaro wheels, that is. The mix-n-match Chevy wheels game is fun for everyone!

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